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Our team of dedicated & dependable condo renovation contractors are experts in condo remodelling and renovation. Whether you want to refresh your condo, or fully remodel it into a modern open concept layout, we have the experience and knowledge necessary.

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Condo renovation is usually a complex project and can be intimidating when it comes to making decisions. But you shouldn't worry, we will guide you step by step through the condominium renovation process.

To renovate your condo, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Learn the rules and restrictions for renovations in your condo
  • Determine who you are renovating for and what you expect from a condo remodeling
  • Hire a condo renovation designer for your project
  • Find the right condo renovation contractor
  • Arrange housing for the duration of renovation

Alfa Building has been renovating Toronto condominiums for over 10 years. We specialize in high quality renovations in GTA area, offering both residential and commercial renovation services. Before you make a decision, we will review the specifics of your condo, your requests, go through some condo renovation examples, discuss your condo renovation budget and project deadlines.

No matter what you need to do in your condo, Alfa Building will do it professionally and in the shortest possible time. With 10 years of experience, as Toronto condo renovation contractor, we treat your condominium like our own. We keep the site clean and tidy. So, while you may have our team in your home, we will do our best to keep the area clean and free of debris by keeping tools in one place and cleaning every night before we leave. We are constantly up to date with all the latest technologies and standards through various professional associations. Using only the most modern equipment and the most effective project management methods, we complete the project on time and within budget.

Toronto is full of condo renovation contractors. Building relationships with our clients, constantly providing quality work and meeting deadlines, are few of the things that set us apart from the competition. For us, the pride of being a contractor is about doing our best to develop long-term relationships with our clients, architects, subcontractors, suppliers, city agencies and our employees.

As a full-service general contractor, we handle every step of the condominium renovation process from design and permits to logistics and construction.

During our free condo design consultation, we’ll define the scope of your project and talk about any design preferences you have. We’ll take the time to work through what you like or dislike in your current condo so that your renovation brings you a space you’ll love for years to come. Whether you’re trying to make more practical use of space, modernize your home, or want to increase its resale value, we have beautiful and functional options tailored to your condo renovation project.  

Our interior designer will help you transform your condo kitchen, bathroom or living room into a modern and functional space. We will provide you with an architectural drawing, condo design ideas for inspiration.

Condo Bathroom Renovation

Condo Wall Painting

Condo Renovation Ideas

Alfa Building is a design-build general contractor offering full-service kitchen and bathroom remodeling for Toronto condo homeowners. Our team members pay impeccable attention to detail, use the highest quality materials, and have an extensive network of some of architects and designers to help turn your condo renovation ideas into reality.

Open space condo renovation

Whether you are a beginner or have gone through the process several times, renovating an apartment is exciting. Perhaps you expect to have some control over how the interior layout flows and functions. If you decide to change your layout, here’s how to prepare for the real financial impact of moving things around.

Alfa Building team provides a plan to help you decide if changing the layout is an acceptable starting point for your project.

As a condo owner, there are several occasions when you will be making structural changes to a building. But, if you plan to do the following, this does not apply to these changes:

  • Expand or relocate your kitchen or bathroom
  • Move plumbing in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Add a new bathroom
  • Demolish a load bearing wall

All these upgrades require the walls to be opened and can affect existing water, gas and electrical lines. Bottom line: if your renovation goes beyond the direct replacement of room surface components, then you are probably dealing with a layout change.

You must play by the building rules if you are in a condominium, and the building board has the legal authority to make rules and regulations for many things, including renovation plans. So, the first step is to ask your building management if it is possible to change the floor plan. Your building probably has a policy document detailing the steps and documents required to make any changes to your unit. The document will likely require you to submit a change request for approval.

The documentation and services needed to get city approval come at a cost, as does the physical (and more specialized) labor you may need to reconfigure the layout. Instead of thinking in terms of cost per room, you might find it more realistic to think in terms of cost per square foot. Major remodeling repairs typically start in the $150 to $250 per square foot range. An additional approximately 20-35% is required for design, permitting services, and permit and inspection fees charged by the architect, engineer and forwarder. You need to be prepared for these design and administrative expenses in addition to your budget for building materials and labor.

For such condo renovation you need to have licensed professionals for more specialized mechanical, electrical, and plumbing jobs. Their hourly rate is higher than the average. For example:

  • Most electrical work must be done by a licensed electrician.
  • Any work on the gas pipelines must be carried out by a licensed master plumber.
  • Any plumbing work other than direct fixture replacement or simple repairs requires a licensed plumber.

Alfa Building provides quality licensed condo renovation and remodeling services to any Toronto condominium and residential tower complex. We help our clients go through these frightening processes smoothly, without wasting nerves and effort. Only positive emotions and pleasure. Are you ready, we are waiting for your call.

When working on a condo renovation project, create clear lines of sight, opt for lighter furniture like see-through tables, glass surfaces to open up the space. It’s a good idea to use white color, white surfaces reflect more light and create a cleaner and brighter atmosphere. Homeowners who prefer more open space in their condo should avoid using physical partitions, which can make their rooms look even smaller than they are.

Let more light into your condo rooms, another good idea, it is wise to choose a neutral color palette for the home, including white, cream, beige and gray. When you are renovating a condo, add a well-placed mirror to increase the load on your physical space. Mirrors play a big role in creating the illusion of more space.

A keyway to save space in a small condo is to use multifunctional furniture, as a dining table that also doubles in your workspace means you don’t have to worry about office space in your condo for that reason. Similarly, a pull-out guest bed takes up less space compared to a real bed and can be easily accessed when guests enter. Multifunctional furniture helps us save on costs as you don’t have to buy two separate pieces to perform their respective functions. In addition, you can save on renting storage units.

As you know, childhood is a great time to develop creativity, come up with something creative like a teepee stash to sleep in or a wall map to inspire their imaginary journeys. The children’s room where your kids spend most of their time can affect how they grow, develop and play.

What else screams more fun than a playground? When looking for the ideas for your condo renovation project don’t forget to build a miniature playground into your child’s bedroom. Use bright colors. It’s not necessary to wrap the room in rainbows or add pops of color to your child’s bedroom – one of the most convenient yet effective ways to make a room fun. You can slightly soften the tone of the color you are using.

This will help you perceive the space better and avoid too much dissonance. You can get advice on choosing the right colors from our experts. A good advice for parents is to paint most of the room a neutral color and then make one wall in child’s favorite color as a focal point. In this case, if necessary, you will only need to redo one wall if your child’s favorite color changes drastically.

Update your child’s room with their favorite theme, be it a princess room, a football stadium, a tree house or the ocean, your child will be happy, and you will be satisfied with the result of your condo renovation. There are so many great ideas for your condo renovation that you can find with the Alfa Building team.

Condo Renovation Cost

If you want to know exactly how much your project will cost and when it will be completed, pre-construction services are for you. As a general contractor, we are the technical part of the team that designs and quotes your condo renovation project. Alfa building experts will help you calculate the project budget and find more effective options for realizing your whole ideas.

We are happy to work with any architect or designer you have on your team, or we often assemble teams for our clients. For the smooth running of the new condo renovation project, we would like to join the conversation in advance. This allows us to work with any potential issues before they happen. The right team is assembled with the right skills and abilities. Work begins. Open lines of communication keep you up to date on everything.


Condo renovation is our specialty. From condo remodelling design, to selecting materials, dealing with condo board and getting permits,  gathering expert renovators to achieve the highest built quality. Condo renovation and remodelling can be tricky. Many condo boards have strict requirements and rules in place that have to be followed to avoid penalties. Neighbours are usually very sensitive to any renovation noise and typically ask to work during specific hours only.  To ensure the best renovation experience, we work around all of those limitations and plan all the works ahead. That way we can keep your costs minimal and meet the shorter deadlines.

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Vlad Zotov

"I am completely satisfied with the work that Will and Zohan from the Alfa Building team did for our renovation project. I like their attention to details: tiles and walls are perfectly smooth, doors are all level, painting is immaculate. While doing the renovation, Will always responded promptly to any minor nuances or questions, great guy! All works were completed on time and on budget. And it is the first project where I did not need to touch anything. The Alfa Building team are professionals, highly recommend it!"


"The Gentlemen From Alfa Building Removed The Popcorn Ceiling In My Dining Room And Foyer And Painted It Within A Matter Of 3 Days - They Now Look Amazing! The Team Was Polite, Professional, And Answered All Of Our Questions. They Did A Great Job Keeping Everything Clean, Covered All Floors/Walls, And Left Our Place Spotless After The Job Was Completed. I Would Recommend Them To Anyone Looking To Remove Popcorn Or Have Their Ceilings Painted."​


"We used the Alfa Building for our recent project to paint our entire house and remove popcorn and were very pleased with the smooth, transparent and efficient process. The Alpha team responded and made it easier to launch the project. One of the biggest benefits of working with Alfa Building was that they found a great solution for us! Previous renovations were our biggest headache, but the Alpha team made it so easy! The renovation process itself was painless and we are very happy with the final product. We want to thank Zohan and Will for their good work and our home which looks like new now."

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