The critical step of every success story is strategic planning. Sometimes homeowners want to leap into a basement finishing project. But you must consider every essential detail before launching work. You can increase the value of your property after a renovation, if you do it right. So, we’ve written this article to help you focus on what’s critical in planning. 

Question 1. What is the purpose of your renovation?

Fixing a problem (leaks, smells, mold…), increasing property value, or creating a more functional space for your family? Whatever the reason, take care of a healthy environment in your house first.

A wet, moldy basement leads to disease and threatens the structure of the home. You can consider basement waterproofing as the first step in a renovation project.

Most homeowners wish to expand the functional area of their home. Remodeling is a great way to add more space to your home as it is more affordable than an addition. The second suite will attract potential buyers who value profitable real estate.

Turn your basement into your home gym, and there will be no more good reasons to skip your workout. Have you ever imagined how happy your spouse and children would be if they had their own movie theater? Just think about it.

Then what about energy savings? The basement is usually a weak spot due to tiny cracks and poor electrical wiring. Finishing will help you significantly reduce your energy and water bills.

Question 2. What does the law and insurance companies say about basement finishing?

Research the building laws in your area. We recommend that our clients obtain all building permits before launching the renovation of their basements. Without permits, the cost of finishing a basement can increase from C$140 to C$34,000 in fines.

You should call your municipality to find out what documents you need and how long it will take to prepare them. The same for insurance. It would be very stressful and expensive if your insurance company refused to cover your losses after property damage.

Question 3. Where are your wires, plumbing, ventilation?

Okay, now you know that your final desires are legal and permitted. Do not rush to call the designer to visualize the project. First, inspect all your plumbing system and air ducts. Leveraging existing infrastructure reduces costs and saves money on better materials or additional design features. Keep in mind that you must obtain permits for anything that affects plumbing. 

Then look at the condition of electrical wiring. Maybe something needs to be changed. The load on the power grid will increase as we use the room more frequently.

Check the condition of your foundation as a critical point of the house structure. A foundation with faults leads to costly repairs if you don’t address these issues before a basement renovation.

Question 4. Where am I living?

It’s not about your address. We mean the climate, local terrain, and the house age.
Heavy rains and melting snow will ruin your property if you don’t take care of basement waterproofing. Keeping the basement dry all year round is no easy task, but Alfa Building can solve this problem.

You might be tired of hearing the wind roar from small cracks. Installing more airtight windows will solve this problem. Also consider optimizing your ventilation system, if the summer is hot and stuffy. What about termites and other pests? When planning the finishing, it is important to check the condition of the walls, ceilings, partitions.

Question 5. Who will do it all?

You can try to do it yourself. YouTube videos are free. But how many hours would you spend on the project? How many mistakes will be difficult to avoid simply because there is not enough experience and skills for such jobs.
So it is better to hire professional basement contractors. Alfa Building is committed to helping you with the basement of your dreams. Our managers are always in touch with clients, informing them about the progress and completion of work. We have been providing high quality at a reasonable price for many years. Just contact us.